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Well, hello there gentalman! Are you one of those guys looking for girls direct to you? Well you found one of them if not the best one. I love'd love to show up to your room, dressed to impress, and ready to show you an amazing Las Vegas expierience. Check out my Profile below:

Experience the Classiest

Remember the name Brazil. My name will be on your lips for a very long time to come if I am your Las Vegas lady. I provide a customizable night of pleasure in Vegas that is designed to fit your tastes. I want to be your ultimate female companion no matter what your idea of ultimate is. I have the looks, body and personality to make your Vegas trip eventful no matter what you have planned.

Whether you have the night planned or you want me to guide you; you will have the time of your life. As your Las Vegas companion, I am focused on your pleasure 100%. When you are with me, no two Las Vegas girls dates are the same. What we do and how I please you depends on your tastes. I am a versatile and sensual escort and I love what I do. When you spend the night with me, you will see just how much I love what I do.

I am native to Las Vegas and I have done many things in this great city. Being a companion girl in Las Vegas is the most fun and fulfilling thing I have ever done. I get to experience Vegas again each time I go out. I try to look at Vegas through your eyes and show you a night that you thought only existed in movies. All you have to do to have me is call 702-403-1166.

Quality You Demand

Las Vegas is famous the world over for providing wild fun and debauchery. Everyone from partying twentysomethings to businessmen to entrepreneurs to senior citizens can find fun in Las Vegas. When you come to a city like this, you expect the best. You should expect the best because the best of everything is available for you in Vegas.

When it comes to spending time with one of the hot babes direct to you, you should expect the best as well. I am the best girl in town and I more than live up to Vegas’s impressive reputation. When you think of top notch Las Vegas entertainment, I want to be the one you think of. You might be surprised at how well I fit in to each and every situation. I am comfortable in my own skin and I will be the most entertaining girl in the room no matter where we go.

I don’t say that I’m entertaining because I put on some kind of showgirl routine (unless you want me to). I’m talking about the entertainment that comes from my undivided attention. On our date, you will be the star. You will be the center of my attention. I will make sure to put a smile on your face that lasts the entire night and even long after our escort date is over.

When you think of women, what do you fantasize about? I want to know. I want to be well informed going into our date. I will take the knowledge of your fantasies and get to work at making them come true. The charge you get from being close to me will be magnified when we are alone. Everything you have ever wanted to do with a hot girl will happen right here in Las Vegas.

Go ahead and take another look at my pictures. Do you like my smooth stomach and perfect tits? Now imagine me standing right in front of you in an outfit that you choose. I slowly slip out of my outfit one article at a time. I come closer with each piece of clothing that drops to the floor. By the time I’m fully nude, I’m so close that you can smell my skin.

We both start to breathe heavy as I move closer. You can feel the warmth from my tone body. Finally, I press up against you, softly at first. By this time we will both be extremely turned on. When I climb on top of you, I know you will be ready to explode. I will too because I get a lot of pleasure out of being your girl. You can experience pleasure tonight if you call 702-403-1166.

Brazil's Girls Direct To You Las Vegas
The Girls Direct To You

Las Vegas has been an exciting place to be ever since I first came. The more I found out about Vegas, the more I liked it. When I decided to move here, one of the first jobs I had was a stripper. I danced at the Crazy Horse and I fell in love with it. I loved the attention I got from men. I loved to see them in a trance as they watched my body move.

I really got popular when I started dancing at the XS club on the strip. When guys would hear I was dancing, the place would be packed. I loved dancing at these clubs, but I always thought there was something more. I knew there was a gig out there where I could really show all my talents. That’s when I looked into becoming a Las Vegas escort.

Being one turned out to be better than I could have imagined. I get to have the same fun I had as a stripper, but I get to have additional fun alone in your room. I know you’re going to love me as your girl right away. You will absolutely adore me when I get you alone. That’s when I can really show you my talents up close and personal. If you call me to be your Las Vegas escort, I will be as up close and personal as you want.

Best of Vegas Nightlife

How would you like to party in Vegas? Are you a laid back guy with a mellow vibe? Are you a fun guy that likes to go dancing? Are you an intense guy that goes to a lot of rock shows? Are you a businessman who wants VIP all the way? Well, I am the Las Vegas escort for you. Las Vegas has many sides and I know just about all of them. You can’t go wrong with me as your lady.

One of the many examples of the amazing nightlife is Tryst at the Wynn. It has to be one of the nicest clubs in Las Vegas. It has a huge water fountain inside with great ambience. Body English at the Hard Rock is a great club too. It has leather booths and mirrored walls and you can party like a rock star. If there are places in Vegas that fit you perfectly, I will find them.

One of the best things about having me as your arm candy is that you don’t have to work at your good time. I am here as your girl to provide that good time for you. All you have to do is tell me what you like and what turns you on. The rest is up to me and I will not disappoint. Pick up the phone and call 702-403-1166 and we can start planning our night together.

The only part of our date I like more than the partying is our time alone. If you knew what we would do together in your room, you might cut our partying short. Nothing is more fun and eventful than being alone with me. I have the skills that are in demand. Just about everything is my specialty. Which of my skills should I use on you?

Would you like to see me be passionate with another hot girl? One of my fellow girls and I can show you an epic lesbian show. Honestly, I prefer one on one. I can bring my toys to use on myself in front of you. I could also give you a fully nude erotic massage. My hands will touch you and massage you from head to toe. You have never been more relaxed or more turned on as you will be when I massage you.

One of my favorite games is role playing. I love to become that girl that you have wet dreams about. When I become your dream girl, I will be the new girl in your wet dreams. I will try on sexy outfits that you choose and take them off in a sexy striptease. I want to climb on top of you and press my nude body up against you. I’ll give you a lap dance that you will never forget.

Your Girls For Tonight

I can be yours as early as tonight. Call me at 702-403-1166 the moment that you know when you will be in Vegas. I want to make sure I am available for you. I want to be the lady that gives you an unforgettable night of satisfaction.

I never tire of giving you what you need in a Vegas companion girl. A night of fun and pleasure awaits you and all you have to do is pick up the phone. Dial 702-403-1166. It might be the best decision you could make for your trip to Las Vegas. Just ask for Brazil. I can’t wait to meet you.

Asian Massage

Hello there. My name is Brazil and you’ve come to my profile. Now that you have looked at my pictures, I will tell you a little about myself. What I want to talk about even more is you. I want to know what it is that puts a smile on your face. When I come knocking on your door, you will start smiling and never stop. Look at my body. Call and listen to my voice. The more you see of me the more you will like. Choose me to be your girl and you can see all you want of me. If you call now, we might be able to get together as soon as a few hours. I’m waiting by the phone to be the girl of your dreams. I know that Asian companions are in high demand and I know plenty of Asian girls who are more than willing to come to you and show you a great time. All you have to do is call 702-403-1166. I want to know as much as I can about what it is that satisfies you. Your satisfaction is my main goal as your companion. I want you to walk away from our date knowing that there is no other escort that would have been better for you.

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Las Vegas Girls Direct To You

Hi honey. Have you come looking for the best escort services in Las Vegas? Well, I hope your search ends here. My name is Brazil. I am one of the top girls in Las Vegas. There are many Las Vegas companions, but you would have to look long and hard to find one as good as me. A lot of hard work, passion and dedication went into making me one of the best. I don’t take that statement lightly. Many Las Vegas services claim to be the best. If you are looking for the best independent companions in Sin City, I make good on my claims. I have the face, the body and the personality to guarantee fun and pleasure. Add my experience and skills and you can rest assured that our date will bring you pleasure that exceeds your expectations. If you look at my pictures and determine my hotness, you can expect more than just good looks and a nice body. You can expect a night of pleasure that you will remember as long as you live. I’m not happy unless you are. Call me now at 702-403-1166 and I will make you very happy indeed.

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