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When Second Best Isn't Enough

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Cindi has a tight body and killer assets that will make you double-take whenever you see her. But don't worry, she'll be all yours for your entire evening. So, give her a call. She's the tight piece of ass that will blow your mind.

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5ft 2in

Hair: Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English

Nationality: USA

Weight: 108 lbs

Cup Size: D Cup

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I'm kind of a fitness freak. I want to keep my body in the top shape possible. I want to do everything that I can to look fantastic. There are some girls who just have big tits and bam, that' it. Eh, I guess that's great for them, but not for me. I'm not going to live off of my boobs alone. I want the rest of my body to be in fantastic shape. It is why I'm always working out, hitting the gym, going for a run or doing whatever I can. The weather is usually fantastic around Vegas, so the sun is out and I can work on my tan while I work on my body. Plus, I love the way guys turn their heads to check me out whenever I walk into the room. The combination of sweet booty and tits with a flat stomach and formed legs isn't always seen, so when guys do see it, well they can't help but stare. Go ahead, stare. I'm here and I want you to look.

Girls Direct to Your Room in 20 Minutes

There are some girls who say they can make it to your room in under 20 minutes. That might be the case, but when you'll hauling a flabby ass and you haven't run more than 10 feet since trying to make it to McDonald's breakfast before they switched to lunch (they say "breakfast all day" now, but that's B.S. because half the stuff they still shut off). I move my booty every single day and I know how to hustle. So, don't you worry, if you want a Vegas escort and have been searching for the right Las Vegas date, I'll be at your door in no time. I don't mind it being last minute, as I do move fast. But not a problem with that at all. I want to show you a good time, which is why I'm working as a pro escort.

Let's Have Fun

What kind of fun are you looking for? As long as it has something to do with us panting, losing our breath, sweating and maybe moving in different directions at once, well I'm game if you are. We'll just have to decide on that activity.

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Holy shit on a shingle! The body on this girl is like nothing I can even describe. She's tight. Like perfectly tight. I can't even comprehend. Because it isn't just a tight body. It is a tight body with big tits and a sweet, sweet ass. I'm not really sure how she got to be this way, but fuck me I love it! 10 out of 10! - Josh
I'm a bit of a workout freak. And one thing that gets me into trouble is that I need to have my women I'm dating the same way. I guess I feel like if I'm going to keep myself in top shape, I want my partner to do the same. I've never found anyone like Cindi. Most girls tend to see their booty's and boobs vanish when working out. She someone grew bigger boobs and a larger booty (or found one hell of a surgeon, because it is flawless). Either way, I'll be coming back, because this body is killer. - BootyLover88