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Hello there. My name is Brazil and you’ve come to my profile. Now that you have looked at my pictures, I will tell you a little about myself. What I want to talk about even more is you. I want to know what it is that puts a smile on your face. When I come knocking on your door, you will start smiling and never stop. Look at my body. Call and listen to my voice. The more you see of me the more you will like. Choose me to be your girl and you can see all you want of me. If you call now, we might be able to get together as soon as a few hours. I’m waiting by the phone to be the girl of your dreams. I know that Asian companions are in high demand and I know plenty of Asian girls who are more than willing to come to you and show you a great time. All you have to do is call 702-403-1166. I want to know as much as I can about what it is that satisfies you. Your satisfaction is my main goal as your companion. I want you to walk away from our date knowing that there is no other escort that would have been better for you.

To let you know why I’m one of the best girls direct to you; I’ll tell you how I got here. I used to come to party in Vegas with my friends when I was in college. We went to Spearmint Rhino just as a joke. The girls were so beautiful, erotic and elegant. I wanted to be on that stage being admired by men. I moved to Sin City pretty much right out of college. I started dancing at the Crazy Horse. I was awkward at first, but I learned fast. The more I danced, the hotter my body became. The more men I satisfied, the better I became at it. Once I gained some experience, I started dancing at the XS night club. That is when I really became popular because my skills had caught up with my looks. It wasn’t long before I got restless and wanted something more exciting. I can tell you right now. Nothing is more exciting than being your girl. Your satisfaction brings me real pleasure. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I’m standing in front of you. That’s when you will know that you called the right Las Vegas escort.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m thinking about straddling you right now. I spread my legs and rub myself up against you. Wait until you hear the sounds that come out of me when our bodies rub together. I have been known to get full body chills when I’m giving a lap dance. When I put my lips by your ear and start moaning softly, you will know that I’m feeling it. I get a charge from rubbing up against you and I start feeling orgasmic. Tender and supple will be just a couple words that will come to mind when you feel my body. I have to warn you though. I give off a lot of heat when our bodies press together. We might start sweating. This is one of my secret pleasures. I love it when you are in your underwear and I am nude. We both start sweating and our bodies get all slippery. Call me now at 702-403-1166 and you can experience this very soon. This is just one small moment in our date. If I have you the whole night; you can expect much more.

One of the things you can expect if I am your girl is an amazing night of partying. We can go to one place you like or paint the town and go bar-hopping. I am a lady who makes it a point to visit all the latest and most buzz worthy hotspots. I want to be prepared for whatever you like. We can go elegant and classy at a VIP club or dance the night away in a Club 54 type of atmosphere. Our nightlife itinerary is entirely up to you. Pussy Cat Dolls Lounge is a nice, sexy place to party. I like to watch girls dance just like you do so we should have a great time. Coyote Ugly is an amazing and fun bar. Some other great ones are the Foundation Room, Body English and Rain. I could fill this entire profile with all the great places to party in Sin City and what they are like. Call me at 702-403-1166 and tell me what kind of guy you are. I will probably have a whole list of places to choose from that you will love. You will love them even more when I accompany you as your arm candy for the evening.

The place you will love the most will be your room. Your room will automatically become more fun and more satisfying than any Vegas nightclub. I can’t wait to show you all my skills up close. You can admire my pictures all you want, but nothing compares to seeing me in person. Choose from any number of amazing adult entertainment skills. Some of my specialties are stripteases, lap dances, lingerie shows, lesbian shows, role playing, toy play, erotic massage and much more. Who knows, I might just find a new specialty with you. I always try to tweak my in-room skills to fit your tastes and fetishes. I have some sexy and fun party games that you will love. We can play around or be intimate. This part of the date is up to you as well. I provide the menu and options. All you have to do is think of which one you like the most. If you call me to be your companion, we can try all night. I go above and beyond to ensure that our night ends with your full satisfaction.

I can only tell you so much on my profile. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions when you call. Tell me what kind of night you want to have in Las Vegas. If you have our night planned, I want to be sure that I am prepared with the right outfit. I also want you to tell me about all your fantasies. I can get an idea of how to make the best out of our date. I want to know exactly how to make the night pleasurable for you. My mission starts the moment that you call. You might be surprised when I show up with an idea about what gives you pleasure before we even meet. There are many Las Vegas escorts, but they will not thrill you like I can. I love all kinds of men. I can’t wait to think of all kinds of things to become the girl of your dreams. Memorize this number: 702-403-1166. You might just want to use it again in the future. I’m sure one night with me as your lady just won’t be entertainment escorts