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A Hot Girl With Everything

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Have you been searching for a seductive, eastern European beauty? If so, Guilia is the girl of your dreams. From her incredible curves to her sultry accent, there's just something about here that will melt your heart.

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5ft 3in

Hair: Brunette

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: Ukraine

Weight: 117 lbs

Cup Size: C Cup

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Do you love women who speak in accents? Is there just something about the way they speak that turns you on? Can a woman with an accent say just about anything she wants and you'll suddenly be aroused and want her to say more? If that sounds like you, well Guilia is the girl for you and she is going to be the person who can take your time in Las Vegas to the next level. You don't need to go visit Las Vegas brothels or strip clubs in order to find that. All you need is yourself and Guilia and you'll be good to go.

Sexy From Top to Bottom

Guilia is truly beautiful and she has a sexiness about her that just isn't found in other women. Sure, other women are hot and have killer bodies and nice personalities, all of which Guilia has. But beyond that, what does she have that you are not going to find in most other women in Las Vegas? She is able to turn your entire insides into mush whenever you speaks. She is able to send goose bumps down your arm and up your spine. Every single time she opens her mouth, you are going to soak it in. Of course, you better be careful, that is all we can say. We've heard all sorts of stories of men who have gone out on dates with her, only to look down and realize they have a fully throbbing cock in the middle of an open location, flooded with people, simply because Guilia whispered into their ear. Yeah, she's sexy, and her voice is sexy. But is it too sexy for you? Well, you'll have to just wait and see.

Vegas Call Girls Direct to You

We always recommend booking a girl in advance if you find someone you like. That way, you know you are going to have her around when you need her. On other occasions, you might find that she is available at the last minute. However you decide to book Guilia, one thing we always recommend is to experience the sensual massage Las Vegas experience. This is an experience that is simply going to make it that much more incredible. It is a massage you'll never find anywhere else. Of course, it is also a hot and seductive massage with Guilia whispering into your ear the entire time. Try to not have a mind blowing orgasm just from that going on.

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I love an accent. When a women speaks English but with a different accent, it is just something that is something that turns me on. I've been wanting to spend time with a woman from Eastern Europe, and I finally had the opportunity to do just that with Guilia. I can still hear her talking and whispering into her ear. - Anon
I have had a fetish over Russian and Eastern European women for so long. It's just like so f-ing impossible to find one (well, unless I fly out there, but I mean seriously, who actually wants to do that?). So, naturally I jumped at the chance to be go out on a date with Guilia. Long story short, I've booked another flight to Vegas next weekend just to go out on a date with her again. It was that good of a date. - D.L.