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An Asian Sweetheart

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The things I have seen you can only dream about. But you know what? I'm pretty good at sharing my dreams. Maybe if you come a bit closer I'll let you in on my secrets.

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5ft 3in

Hair: Brunette

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English

Nationality: USA

Weight: 118 lbs

Cup Size: C Cup

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Las Vegas is a pretty fun city, don't you think? It's rather unique. I moved here a few years ago from the East Coast and it is way different than I thought it would be. Sure, I had seen pictures and movies of The Strip, of the casinos and all the world famous hotels. But that's really where my knowledge of the city started and stopped. I didn't know anything else. Now though. Wow, I don't even know what to say, other than it is truly amazing. Even though I get to go out and explore the city with amazing guys several times a week, I'm always discovering something new. I love that experience, and I love the experience even more when I'm able to share it with someone special. Would you like to be my someone special?

Be My Mister Special

I always love to spend my time with special people. It makes life worth living. Life is too short to deal with all of the negative people or the people who are just going to bring you down. Why would you want to do something like that? I'll never understand people. But what I do understand is that when you spend your time with someone incredible, it makes the moment that much more incredible. It is why I want to spend the moment with you. I want to share the new experience with you and draw you closer to me. I might be one of the Las Vegas escort service girls direct to you professionals, but I'm so much more than that. I'm the girl who just wants to have fun with you and share in on a unique evening, day or weekend. So let's be someone special to each other.

Your Exotic Las Vegas Escort

You truly make my life special. You make it worth living and you make me feel all warm inside. I want to give something back to you, so you understand and know exactly what it means to me for you to spend your vacation time with me. I want to be that seductive, sexy escort who everyone turns to check out, yet you are the one who receives all of my attention. The other people don't matter. What matters is you, and I want to show you just how important you are to me. I think we are up for an amazing evening together. Sharing something special with one another that nobody else is able to share. I want to be that special someone for you.

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May is, without a doubt, the best, most attractive woman I have ever seen before or had the chance of being around. There is just something about her that is unique and breathtaking and amazing. I can't even begin to describe it. Just know if you decide to go with her, you're going to have the most amazing time. Ever! - Ron
I've never been with an escort before, so it is kind of hard for me to put it into context I guess (so maybe take my review with a grain of salt...I don't know), but I loved every minute with Maya. There's something about her that is magical. The way she looked at me and smiled and treated me. I wish all women (or even some) would treat me like that. - LonelyGuy45